Bitcoin Candy - A Delicious Addition to Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio

Bitcoin Candy (CDY) is a dynamic and fairly distributed cryptocurrency that offers innovative distribution methods such as mining, Proof of Games, giveaways, tipcs and cdy army jobs. With a focus on community-driven growth, CDY is a valuable addition to any cryptocurrency portfolio. Experience the sweet rewards of Bitcoin Candy today!

Bitcoin Candy - The Sweetest Way to Pay and Play

Bitcoin Candy is a cryptocurrency that is completely community driven. It's an open-source blockchain that was created in late 2017. With seven years of existence, it has become one of the oldest, longest, and most stable decentralized UTXO blockchain in operation. It is distributed through home mining, giveaways, Proof of Games and is also available to holders of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin (BTC) from the fork time.

Bitcoin Candy (CDY) Information and Stats

Hardfork Height 512666 (Bitcoin Cash)
Hardfork Time 2018/01/13
PoW Algorithm EQUIHASH(144,5)
Supply 22 Billion
Distribution Ratio 1:1000
Premine 1% of supply
Block Interval 2 Minutes
Replay Protection Yes
Block Size 32M
Segwit No
Difficulty Adjustment CDY-Adapted LWMA

Three Ways to Mine and Earn Candy

CDY distribution methods: Proof of Work, Proof of Games, and Forum Rewards. All coins are paid from collected dev funds on mining pools, not created out of thin air.

GPU mining

Proof of work home GPU mining, ASIC resistant.

Proof Of Game

Play CDY games in discord and CDY Minecraft and mine CDY

Proof of Writing

Participate on CDY forum and earn CDY as rewards for your activity.

Play Bitcoin Candy
Games in Discord.

Play2Earn Bitcoin Candy online games in discord and earn your first CDY easy without any investments, this is one of the way like we distrebut CDY to our valueble users.

Earn Bitcoin Candy rewards by you activity on community forum

Play2Earn Bitcoin Candy online games in discord and earn your first CDY easy without any investments, this is one of the way like we distrebut CDY to our valueble users.

The Key Features of Bitcoin Candy

The Bitcoin Candy Advantages. Why CDY is the best choice for your cryptocurrency portfolio


Good enough distribution of coins. Each Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash holder has CDY from the fork. True Proof of Work mining also helps to fairy distribut coins for thouse who are ready to invest there money (electricity) and time.

Bitcoin Cash fork

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) claims to be original Bitcoin. It's Bitcoin backup plan. CDY is the first Bitcoin Cash fork. In case of BCH success it will be valueble like first original Bitcoin fork LTC.

Community driven

Driven by the community enthusiasts. This is real decentralization when there are a lot of indepented members. You can join us as dev or supporter.

Fast Blocks

block interval adjusted to two minutes


No segwit, no RBF, no other strange things in the code.

Fast Blocks

block interval adjusted to two minutes

"I've been loving Bitcoin Candy for its speedy transactions and low fees. It's like a breath of fresh air in the world of cryptocurrencies. Plus, with its large supply and improved block size, it's a smart choice for those looking for a solid option for value storage. And who knows, maybe we'll even see some fun games or unique NFTs built on its specific blockchain in the future. It's definitely a sweet addition to the crypto space."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bitcoin Candy (CDY) is a blockchain that was created by forking from Bitcoin Cash at block height 512666. The forked chain has additional features and the team was originally exploring quantum-resistant solutions for the chain.

Mining pools

CDY mining pools. Mining guide. Also note that you can mine cdy by forum activity and play discord games..

Main Pool (1) Pool2 (backup)

Explorers, trackers and other links

Link to Bitcoin Candy (CDY) explorers, trackers and other usefull links...

Explorer Exporer (backup) LiveCoinWatch Coinpaprika Coincodex Forbes BBookmarks BBookmarks

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